Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Today I am dreaming of warmer weather!  If you want to read a good article about shooting a silhouette picture, go HERE
 These pictures were taken last year in sunny Florida!

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Portraits (Engagement Photos)

I am NOT a portrait photographer.  In fact I prefer to shoot inanimate objects.  They don't move or talk back to me.  But to save $$$ on the old wedding budget, we decide to take my son's engagement pictures ourselves. 
Mananass Stone House
 The first thing to consider when take portraits is LOCATION.  I drive past this stone house everyday on the way to the gym.  The battlefields have great scenery.  They are plain, but interesting in textures and views.
 Next, shoot in the morning or evening if possible.  We weren't able to do that so we used the full shade of the house to get a better light.
 Focus on the EYES!  If you have a Portrait setting give it a try.  I use my portrait mode and sport mode.  I like the continuous shooting ability so I don't miss a shot!
 Try different angles and positions.  I had a couple of great subjects!  They came up with all ideas for the pictures.  I like the more candid shots vs the "staged" pictures.
The Annanie moto, "Have fun"!!!!

 Matthew was saying,
"Walk cute my mom is taking our picture."  LOL

Love the hands!

 This last one I took with my Iphone and filtered with Instagram.  Its one of my favorites.
Lastly, take bunches of pictures.  I took 200 pictures and they picked out about 25.  You can use engagment pictures for slide shows, labels for wedding decorations, save the date cards and scrapbook memories!
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Monday, January 9, 2012


Today we were blessed with a little bit of the white stuff!  The birds really hit the feeders hard during the storm. 
The male Cardinals popped against the falling white snow.

Our feeder attracted Downy Woodpecker, Juncos,
Cardinals, Chickadees,  & Nuthatchers.

Of course we had to go for a walk. 
I didn't even notice I caught a glimpse of Michael and
Blue between the branches.

The horse farms look so pretty in the snow.
Tomorrow, it will be 50 degrees again, sigh..... 
It was a nice little treat today!
For a great article on taking picture in snow go HERE Pin It

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Lights in NYC

The best time to get those Christmas light pictures is right at dusk!  We hit the streets around Rockefeller Center and grabbed some fabulous city shots.
I used my night landscape setting.

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