Thursday, April 12, 2012

Backyard BEAUTY!

I grabbed my camera and headed to the backyard today.  Since this is our first year at our house, I am discovering all that blooms each season.  I love filling my len with all of God's handiwork. 

Not sure the name of this flower, but I love the purple color!!

Look at all that texture in the pedals and detail in the middle, BEAUTIFUL!

We have Azealia bushes.  I have to practice taking pictures of the white flowers. 
 They were pretty washed out. 

Then when I walked out front, I found this bush of Peonies.  I love these flowers.  They are so BIG!
 That bud exploded into this flower!  LOVE IT!

I had to cut a  few of these and bring
them inside for our dining table.
If God’s creation helps you see

What wonders He can do
Then trust the many promises
That He has given you. —D. De Haan

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