Monday, November 7, 2011


I love watching birds. I have several feeders in our backyard. But trying to get a photo of them is a bit tricky. They move fast and are startled easily.

On our trip to Colorado we saw some interesting birds. The key to shooting birds is a good zoom and shoot in your sport mode that has the continuous shooting. My pictures are not in great focus but those darn birds move so fast. I gave it my best shot!

These Lorikeets were at the KC Zoo.  We were able to feed them nectar in a cup.  That gave me the opportunity to get a good picture of them.

This Mountain Blue Bird was sitting on desert grass in
Red Rocks, Colorado.

We found the Ptarmigam while waking a trail. 
 He was hard to see because they camouflaged well.

We caught a shot of this Steller Jay
sitting on a pole at a trailhead.
You can get some great bird shots right in you backyard. Hang a birdfeeder outside your window. Put your camera on tripod near the glass. Dress in dark colors, so you don’t scare them away. Set you camera on continuous and snap away. I would love to see your pictures. Happy Shooting!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Photo Assignment

As the trees turn brilliant colors go out and celebrate the season by taking a few pictures. 
These were taken on my recent travels. 

 Your pictures don't have to be of trees. They can be anything that reminds you of autumn. They can be pumpkins, kids dressed in costumes, corn mazes, pumpkins patches, fruits and veggies..... Take your camera for walk and get shooting.
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