Monday, November 7, 2011


I love watching birds. I have several feeders in our backyard. But trying to get a photo of them is a bit tricky. They move fast and are startled easily.

On our trip to Colorado we saw some interesting birds. The key to shooting birds is a good zoom and shoot in your sport mode that has the continuous shooting. My pictures are not in great focus but those darn birds move so fast. I gave it my best shot!

These Lorikeets were at the KC Zoo.  We were able to feed them nectar in a cup.  That gave me the opportunity to get a good picture of them.

This Mountain Blue Bird was sitting on desert grass in
Red Rocks, Colorado.

We found the Ptarmigam while waking a trail. 
 He was hard to see because they camouflaged well.

We caught a shot of this Steller Jay
sitting on a pole at a trailhead.
You can get some great bird shots right in you backyard. Hang a birdfeeder outside your window. Put your camera on tripod near the glass. Dress in dark colors, so you don’t scare them away. Set you camera on continuous and snap away. I would love to see your pictures. Happy Shooting!

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