Friday, April 25, 2014

Foto Friday

 During the winter we thought we had had seen a new bird at our feeder.  But after looking it up, we realized that the Goldfinch changes color during the winter.  Their feathers turn brownish.  Very cool!
 Now this little guy showed up at our feeder this week.  
His color is all back and is beautiful.
I am shooting through my window so
 forgive my dirty windows.
 He grabbed a seed and tossed it around in his mouth,
 trying to break it open.  I was surprised how 
close he let me get to the window.

Thanks for taking a peek at my pictures.
See you next week.
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Friday, April 11, 2014

Foto Friday (Flower Edition)

Spring has sprung up around my yard this week.  So I set my little camera on the macro setting and headed 
outside.  While the macro setting is not nearly as good as having a prime macro lens on your camera,
 it lets you get pretty good detail in your pictures.
 I love filling my lens with the flowers.  
I planted 200 bulbs last fall.  
Take a look at what has popped up so far.

My favorite shot this week is this white beauty!  
I am not sure of its name, but it is so small and delicate.

Thanks for taking a look at my pictures.
See you next week.

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