Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How Did I Get Started?

It all started with this:

My first camera was given to me as a birthday present at the age of 10? Not really sure if that is the exact year but close. You remember the old film cameras with the cube flash. Each picture precious because it cost MONEY to find out what it looked like.

Then came the POLAROID.

I loved this baby because you could see your picture in five minutes. The film was expensive so this camera went to the wayside quickly. Although I wish I had kept it for the retro affect.

 Then the 110 Camera:

This is the camera I had during my teen years. This camera took trips to family gatherings, vacations, friends, school trips, and my honeymoon. It was stolen during a cruise in 1984. Sad day!

I went through a few more point and shoot cameras before the age of DIGITAL! Then I lost all control and took pictures of everything. My poor family puts up with my obsession with taking just the right shot. Hopefully I will get better and won’t have them “hold” that pose forever…..

My inspiration comes from the world around me. I see beauty in the simple things, such as backyard nature, family times, travel adventures, architecture, and art. I enjoy art museums, books on photography and reading creative blogs.

I am not sure where my obsession with photography will take me, but for now I enjoy sharing my pictures with family and friends. Thanks for stopping by………….


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