Wednesday, September 7, 2011

While this is a very nice camera strap, I thought I could make a cover that would feel better around my neck and look cute!
I followed the directions from this post.


I dug through my fabric drawer and found these three fabrics.

I measure the width of my strap and added an inch for the sleeve. Then I measured the length I want the strap. Mine was 36 x 2 ½ I cut two pieces.

Next for the ruffle I made each strip ¼ inch smaller.  I made the ruffle twice as long as the strap sleeve.  Mine came out a bit bunchy so you could do less. 

Iron the ends down and make sure the two sleeve pieces are the same length.  Sew the ends.  Lay the two sleeve part right sides together and sew a ¼ seam down one side.

 Iron down a ¼ inch seam on both sides of the ruffle strips. Then stitch each side down. I did a zigzag stitch.

Sew a basting stitch down the middle of each ruffle strip. Tie one end of the threads and pin to on side of the sleeve. Pull your thread from the other end of the ruffle piece and spread the gathers out over the sleeve. Do this for both ruffles.

I made mine a bit bunchy.  Try a little less ruffle.

Pin down the ruffles ever few inches.
Sew the ruffle down the middle onto the sleeve  

Then tuck in your ruffles and pin down the sleeve.  Make sure you tuck in the ruffle so you won’t sew it the seam.  I pushed it in as I sewed it.  Turn sleeve right side in and put on strap. 

Tuck tuck tuck

I am not thrilled with the color combos of mine, but they were in my fabric drawer so I made them work.  The ruffled sleeve reminds me of a Hawaiian lei. I used a soft flannel and It feels real nice on my neck! 
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