Monday, October 3, 2011

Photo Assignment

This week's assignment is

I was going to delete this picture until I notice how the land drew your eye left and the clouds drew you eye right.  Since it was a cloudy day the land and water seemed to blend together.  So I changed it to B&W and I liked it much better.

Black and white photography is classic.  It helps you to focus on important elements in your picture.  Below, I took a picture of this gate with the lions head.  In color it seemed busy with all the stuff behing the gate.  By turning it black and white it helped to focus in on the lion.

Black & White tips:
  •   Shoot in color and convert your picture to B&W use photo software.  I use PICASA.
  • Look for lines, patterens,shapes, and forms as you frame your pictures.
  • Remember to "save as" a copy so you still have your color print.
  • I liked the curve of this buildings doorway.

Soooo many shapes in this one!

Happy shooting.............
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