Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shooting in Low Light

As we went through the holiday season I am sure you had many opportunities to take pictures in low light situations. I have read many articles on the subject. My pictures use to get very grainy, until I discovered ISO. You can read about it HERE  

When I took these pictures below I had my ISO set to over 2200+  depending on how dark the area was.  Also look around for how the area is lit.  Try to get behind the spot lights, so you get more light.  I have a wide angled lense so it automaticly lets a bunch of light into the picture.  But having the higher ISO setting let me turn off my flash.  

ISO 2400

Of course having a tripod would help steady the photo but I didn't want to lug it around with me.
ISO 2500

ISO 2500

This was WAY up in the ceiling and I set it to 3500.  I didn't even notice the red until I loaded the picture on my computer. 
So next time you are at your childrens concert open up your ISO as high as it will go and shoot away! 
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