Friday, February 24, 2012


I have recently gotten an IPhone.  So I had to jump on the Instagram bandwagon.  As most of you know it is a fun FREE app you can put on your phone to take pictures and put different filters to get cool looking retro shots. 

We were taking friends around Washington DC this week.  So since I have a ton of "normal" pictures of DC, I thought why not "instagram" a set of DC pictures. 

You can take the picture in the Instragram app or take it with your camera phone and put it into instragram later.  I did a bit of both.  I think I like taking them with the regular camera and cropping and filtering in the Instragram app.

My eye was drawn to mainly three of the thirteen filters.

Before I got the IPhone I wanted to see if could get this same effect on my pictures.  If you are a Photoshop expert you could figure out a way to create the same effect.  But since I am NOT, I found a site that you can download your photos to and place filters on them to create the same effect.

Here are the link to the PC/online site:  PicYou 

I thought I would leave you with this great link about travel photography.  When you travel, whether it is just down the road or to another state/country.  Try to capture not only (in this case DC) monuments but also the details and feeling of the area.  I try to tell a story with my pictures so other will feel they have been there with me.  I am not sure if I have gotten to that point in my photography, but it is a goal.

Here is a detail of DC I want everyone to remember.  Please never forget the sacrifices our military give for us each and every day to protect the freedoms we so enjoy!
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  1. I enjoyed your pictures and also enjoy playing around with my pics to get different looks/feels. Looks like you enjoy that too!