Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend In Review

I thought I would share my weekend with you all using, Instagram.  I love this App! The kids dressed up like cows in order to get free food from Chick-Fil-A on Friday.
Sarah and Matthew celebrating Cow Appreciation Day!  First free breakfast!

Then they met up with their other cow friends for some lunch.

Then they headed to a wedding rehearsal.   
While the kids were gone, we went to my favorite garden center to get a house warming gift for my son and his girlfriend.  I got distracted by all these pretty blue pots.

Then I turn around and see THIS!  They are so creative, using a Weber grill for a mini garden.
 Does anyone have an extra grill they don't want. 
Here is the top of the grill.  Look at those tiny boots, so cute!

How about an old wagon? 
I see a mini garden in my future.

You better hide your kids shoes when I come over or they may end up with plants in them.  Soooooo cute.

This guy got to this feeder during the week.  We moved it out to the middle of our window.  He looks a little sad that he can no longer reach the seed. 

 On Sunday we went to visit Christopher and Kara at their new apartment.  They made fondue.  We had a wonderful cheese fondue and a yummy caramel dessert fondue. 
Well that was our weekend in pictures. 
 Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed week!
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