Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Photographing Rainbows

Sometimes you know of a place where rainbows show up like at Rainbow Falls in Hawaii. But most likely they will be a spur of the moment kind of picture.  Recently while on a cruise, I looked off my balcony and saw this.  I ran to get my camera before it disappeared. 
 I remembered some of the tips from this article I read, "Photographing Rainbows" over at DPS. I like that I was able to capture the end of the rainbow as it fell into the sea.  Then another rainbow appeared faintly above this one.  
As quickly as the rainbow appeared, it disappeared just as fast.  What beautiful moment.
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  1. Hi Carol, thanks for the visit to my blog the other day! Thanks for your lovely comment!
    These photo's are super...I love rainbows!