Friday, June 27, 2014

Foto Fridays

Foto Friday will be random pictures
 I took through out my week. 
I am trying to capture and share more of our everyday life.
They are mostly Instagram and Iphone pictures. 
Our snowman melted!

 We went to the travel show and saw
 Rick Steves and Samantha Brown.
Now I am in the mood to go on trip to Europe.

Chinatown in DC
 We walked down to the back of the White House.  
I am not sure why they let you get so close to the back 
side of the White House.  On the front side you have to 
stay really far away from the gate.  In this picture I
 had my hands through the gate.
 I understand why there wasn't too many visitors on the backside of the White House.  This is where all the protesters hang out.

Andrew Jackson our 7th President

DC selfie
 Then we had snow AGAIN!  
See you next week.
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