Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Editing Pictures

Remember the days of 35mm film?
Photographers would have to go
through rolls and rolls
of film to get that perfect shot.
Today we are fortunate to have digital cameras.
We snap off as many pictures as we
like and then go into a photo editing
program and make them look fabulous. I have Photoshop Elements 6 on my computer
but I haven't learned a lick about how to use it.
I am a hands on learner,
so reading a book will not do me any good.
So I found a real easy ONLINE
editing program called PICASA. I usually just open up my picture and
fix the lighting and crop it.
But I spent some time in the
EFFECTS tab/area and played around
with these two flower pictures. What editing program do you use?
Do have any cool pictures you would like to share?
I am linking this to my FB page so you can share
your pictures on FB or you can email them to me.
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  1. Hi Carol, thanks for popping by my blog and leaving your sweet comments. I love meeting other Brave Girls! Loving your photography! Have a fab day...cheers...tammy

  2. These are beautiful!! I usually just fix mine in iphoto.. But these are awesome!!!

    From Brave girls club....!!

  3. Hey Carol I also use Picassa and I love it. I had photoshop but never really got into it. I love that Picassa is so easy to use and I get great pics too. I love your photos. It is all that I am stiving for just to see the beauty in God's work.